BICT Qatar,Primarily engaged in the supply of standard Storage Systems over a decade. Our progress have been consistentaly made us to understand the complete range of products and Customer requirements, which enable us to give maximum services to the customer is what makes us stand apart from others.

Each of our department starting from procurement, inventory, sales and Customer service are been fully automated for the better customer management. Over the years we served for industries like, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Cement, Construction, Steel Plant, Offshore, Defence, Ports and many more.

  1. Warehouse Pallet Storage Racking Systems
  2. Heavy Duty Storage Racking Systems
  3. Attic Rack
  4. Supermarket Rack
  5. Slotted Angle Storage Rack
  6. Metal Storage Rack
  7. Storage Racks System

Note: Please make sure to call our sales department for any item as per your Requirement.

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