BICT is one of the leading supplier of material handling equipments in "State of Qatar". We put in our best efforts to provide most innovative material handling products to give our customers the utmost satisfaction of quality at competitive prices.

Our hydraulic handling equipment, drum handling equipment, aluminum ladder, platform truck, hand trucks, other handling equipment are the best quality products which can satisfy the bulk material handling requirements of various industries like agro chemical & fertilizers, ceramic, chemicals, Construciton, food processing, information & technology, laminates processing, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, power, steel,automobiles and other industries. FREE DELIVERY - LOW COST

  1. Pallet truck
  2. Hand pallet truck
  3. Scissor lifts
  4. Hydraulic lifts
  5. Hydraulic stacker
  6. Floor cranes
  7. Pallet scale
  8. Electric stacker
  9. Battery stacker
  10. Electric lifts
  11. Electric pallet stackers
  12. Elevating platforms
  13. Elevators
  14. High lift pallet truck
  1. Drum lifter
  2. Drum tilter
  3. Drum handling equipment
  4. Drum handler
  5. Hydraulic lifting table
  6. Lift trolley
  7. Hydraulic crane
  8. Aerial lifts
  9. Aerial work platforms
  10. Bag stacker
  11. Beam trolley
  12. Boom cranes
  13. Die loader
  14. Dock levelers

BICT Material Handling Equipment's range of products includes wheelbarrows, wheelbarrow, wheel barrow, cylinder trolley, gas cylinder trolley, cylinder truck, pallet stackers, manual stacker, semi electric stacker, hydraulic pallet truck, hydraulic hand pallet trucks, lifting equipments, hand trucks, hydraulic lift, lifting table, lifting machine, scissor lift, lifting machines, electric pallet trucks, material handling equipments, material handling equipment, material handling systems, scissor lift tables, hydraulic lifting table, handling equipment, goods lifts, lift trolley, handling equipments, hydraulic crane, other handling equipments

Note: These are only a few range of Material Handling Equipments, please make sure to call our sales department for any item as per your Requirement or to collect the complete product catalog.

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