We are the largest diesel Generator & Compressor service provider and supply high quality generator sets for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. These Generators are powered by air cooled and water cooled engines, high in performance and very consistent for requirements at critical times such as in hospitals and emergency rooms. Our range has been a long time favorite for our clients because of their ability to provide smooth power for recreation, construction, rental and home uses.

We supply these gensets in different power ranges to support varying needs and applications of our clients like domestic and commercial diesel generators. Available at competitive prices, our generating sets offer good return on investment and are worth purchase.

  1. Durable
  2. Superb performance
  3. High power output
  4. Reliable
  1. Handy Series Generators
  2. Silent Series Generators
  3. LPG Series Generators
  4. INVERTER Generators
  5. Low Noise Generators
  6. Gas Compressors
  7. Diaphragm Compressors
  8. Oxygen Compressors
  9. CNG Compressors
  10. Hydrogen Compressors

Note: These are only a few of the different types of GENERATORS & COMPRESSORS, please make sure to call our sales department for any item as per your Requirement.

BICT includes world class brands with different functions and areas of specialisation. Regardless of the type of Generators & Compressors concerned, our purpose is always the same - to offer an efficient and reliable service in a user-friendly way.

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