BICT is an international leading player in the Trading of Cable and Wire industry.We operate on a worldwide scale with the scope of supplying our partners with a complete range of cables and wires, combining quality, competitiveness and quick deliveries.

Our product range includes general building wires, data and telecommunications cables, industrial rubber cables, marine and defence application cables. Our Tradingf Section will guarantees the complete range of quality cables, supplied.

  1. General wiring cables
  2. Control Cables
  3. Instrument & Data Cables
  4. Trailing & welding Cables
  5. Offshore/marine Cables
  6. Fire Performance Cables
  1. High Voltage Power Cables
  2. Low Voltage Power & Control
  3. Medium Voltage up to 6v
  4. 150/250v instrument Cables
  5. Cable component & Accessories
  6. Special Cables as per project Specifications

Note: These are only a few of the different types of Cables & Wires which we deal with, please make sure to ask our sales department for any item as per your project specification.

BICT includes world class brands with different functions and areas of specialisation. Regardless of the type of Cable & Wires concerned, our purpose is always the same - to offer an efficient and reliable service in a user-friendly way.

For Trading Enquiry, Please call us Tel: ( +974) 55481337; Email:

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