BICT specialized in supplying the world class quality Anchor & Fixing materials such as, Anchor Expansion Bolts, Concrete Lifting Socket,Nylon fixing Plug,and Cable Accessories,Cable Bushings, Feedthrough Wall Bushing, Cable Clip, Cable Riser Guard, Cable Lock,Cable Glands.

Also,We can take order to manufacture the new products according to the samples & sketches provided. We not only supply good products but also long-term service and quality maintenance.Most of our products are Imported from Europe, Japan & Korea with competitive price and super quality.

  1. Thermal Block Fixings
  2. Roof Fixings
  3. Insulation Anchors
  4. Split Drive Anchors
  5. Universal Metal Anchors
  6. Tie Wire Anchors
  7. Express Nail Anchors
  8. Hollow Wall Anchors
  9. Wedge Anchors
  10. Four Segment Shield Anchors
  11. New Four Segment Shield Anchors
  12. Rawlbolt Three Shields Anchors
  1. Sleeve Anchors
  2. Cone Nut Sleeve Anchors
  3. Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors
  4. Flange Nut Sleeve Anchors
  5. Flat Head Sleeve Anchor
  6. Spectrum Studio
  7. Ceiling Sleeve Anchors
  8. W Bolt Sleeve Anchors
  9. F Bolt Sleeve Anchors
  10. Bolt Anchor Sleeve Anchors
  11. Metal Frame Anchors
  12. Chemical Anchors

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