HABALCO has a well-equipped manufacturing unit with sophisticated infrastructure loaded with technically advanced tools and machineries that assist in the quality and quantity production. HABALCO facilities provide an ideal and exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in development activities.

The Aluminium Composite Panels are available in attractive & unique colours they lend aesthetic appeal to the exteriors and interiors of buildings, besides giving them a longer life. What's more they are 100% maintenance free and corrosion resistant.

  1. Exteriors of Multi Storey Apartment
  2. Curtain Wall
  3. Industrial & Commercial Constructions
  4. Wall cadding
  5. Hospitals
  6. Fascias / Soffits
  7. Star Hotels
  1. High-Tech Shopping Mall
  2. Column / Beam Cover
  3. Parapet Walls / Copings
  4. Institutes, Banks, Call Centers
  5. Elevators
  6. Kitchen Units
  7. Exhibition Stalls

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