BICT offers the Acoustic Products installation and sound proofing / construction services. We deal witht the world class brands to desig and to enhance your room both sonically and visually. From the cutting edge look of our AirSpace products to the clean lines and vibrant colours of Spectrum, there’s a wealth of design possibilities. High acoustic performance and fire ratings make BICT the right choice for your project.

Don’t risk your money without speaking to us first! We know the facts, the myths and how to make the most of your budget. Our expert advice comes free of charge. Pick up the phone or send us an email and get it right first time!. We’ve identified the best brands and manufactures to bring you professional grade products for the same price as ordinary acoustic foam. Our products can be relocated so you only need to buy them once!. Acoustic Metal Panels are applied to the upper walls and or ceiling of acoustically hard spaces as sound absorbers for potentially noisy environments such as:

  1. Swimming pools
  2. Class rooms
  3. Music practice rooms
  4. Restaurants and dining areas
  5. Home theatres
  6. Recording and broadcast studios
  7. Pump and compressor rooms
  8. Industrial work areas
  1. Engineered Acoustic Rooms
  2. Acoustic Metal Panel System
  3. Portable Anechoic Chambers (PAC)
  4. Non flammable carpet
  5. Jack panel
  6. Acoustic Fabric
  1. Flush sill door
  2. Double-glazed safety glass window
  3. Incandescent light fixtures
  4. internal electrical wiring
  5. Acoustic Treatments
  6. Spectrum Studio
  7. Acoustic Treatments

BICT includes world class brands with different functions and areas of specialisation. Regardless of the type of Acoustic Products concerned, our purpose is always the same - to offer an efficient and reliable service in a user-friendly way.

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