BICT Qatar,Primarily engaged in the supply of standard Ladders & Scaffolding in Doha, Qatar. Our progress have been consistentaly made us to understand the complete range of products and Customer requirements, which enable us to give maximum services to the customer is what makes us stand apart from others.

Ladder Types and Accessories in Doha Qatar:

Step Ladder:

Step ladders in Doha,Qatar are built with an A-frame design and can lock to hold the two sides in the correct position. Typically, steps are only on one side of the ladder, but twin step ladders are available. Folding/step stools are most commonly used for indoor projects, such as painting or installing a ceiling fan.

Extension Ladders in Doha,Qatar:
An extension ladder, or extendable ladder, has a base and one or two upper sections that slide up and down to reach different heights. Large extension ladders include rope-and-pulley systems that make it easier to extend the ladder. These ladders require a surface, such as a wall or roofline, for support. They’re ideal for outdoor projects, including cleaning gutters or painting the outside of a home.

Telescoping Ladders in Doha,Qatar: Similar to an extension ladder, a telescoping ladder is built to extend to different heights. Also known as a collapsible ladder, an extension ladder will retract to a very compact size for easy storage.

Multi-Position Ladder in Doha,Qatar: You can configure multi-position or hybrid ladders into various positions to suit the task. From A-frame to extension and other positions, their versatility prevents you from needing multiple ladders to complete a project.

Aluminum Ladders in Doha,Qatar in Doha,Qatar: These lightweight ladders are easy to carry to and from projects, making them a convenient choice if you’re painting multiple rooms in your home. Keep in mind, though, that aluminum ladders aren’t safe to use for electrical work.

Fiberglass Ladder in Doha,Qatar: Fiberglass ladders are extremely durable and ideal for heavy-duty jobs. Their nonconductive material makes them a great choice for use around electrical wires.

Attic Ladder in Doha,Qatar: Attic ladders pull down to create access to your attic. They’re simple to install and are a great way to reclaim unused storage space.

Library Ladder in Doha,Qatar: A library ladder can be used in kitchens, pantries and lofts as well as libraries. In addition to serving an important purpose, library ladders make a decorative statement. A wooden ladder is a popular option for library-style ladders.

Stabilizer in Doha,Qatar: A ladder stabilizer attaches to the top of an extension ladder to extend support points of the ladder outward. Some stabilizers can span across a window.


BICT QATAR, is an supplier of various type of high quality scaffolding and accessories in Doha, Qatar. We supply Cuplock, Ringlock, Shoring, and related scaffold components to refineries, shipyards, construction companies, scaffold rental outfits, and all end users that utilize scaffolding equipment. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, available stock and customer service.

When selecting a scaffold, the specified building's design, shape, and location should be considered. The assembly's ability to adapt to the structure's contours should also be taken into account, particularly if a modular form is being considered. Moreover, the purpose for which it will be used should be considered. Our industry trained experts can guide you and assist you in all the ways. Below are the list of our Products range.

Each of our department starting from procurement, inventory, sales and Customer service are been fully automated for the better customer management. Over the years we served for industries like, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Cement, Construction, Steel Plant, Offshore, Defence, Ports and many more.

  1. Step Ladders
  2. Extension Ladders
  3. Step Stools
  4. Twin Front Ladders
  5. Articulating Ladders
  6. Platform Ladders
  7. Single Section Ladders
  8. Special Type Ladders
  1. Artic Ladders & Accessories
  2. Steel Ladders
  3. Pump Jack Scaffold
  4. Independent or Birdcage scaffold
  5. Single pole scaffold
  6. Suspended or swingstage scaffold
  7. hanging bracket scaffold
  8. Aluminium Scaffold

Note: These are only a few of the different types of Ladders & Scaffolding, please make sure to call our sales department for any item as per your Requirement.

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